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Rice Research

             During the summer of 2012, I worked in the Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces (MAHI) Lab at Rice University.  I was tasked with revamping the educational devices & intro material for MECH 343-Modeling of Dynamic Systems:

                   Enclosure: Several MECH 343 labs use apower supply and amplifier as part of their experimental set-up. In years past both systems have been left in the open exposing students to a large source of voltage. The enclosure I made was designed so that students are unable to access dangerous parts of the power supply or amplifier. The box uses press fits set so tight that assembly and disassembly require hand tools. 

                  Haptic Paddle: The Rice Haptic Paddle is one of the most important set-ups in the lab. Instead of using wire and capstan spools, the systems uses friction drives with an aluminum wheel fixed to the motor and neoprene foam fixed to the bottom of the paddle. In order to adjust the amount of contact force between the two, I added a height adjustment mechanism to the design. 

                   Intro to Hardware Lab: Click Here to see the Introductory Lab I created!

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