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                   As its name suggests, LittleJuke is a mini jukebox! A professor once challenged our class to spend the night to familiarize ourselves with electrical components by building a small circuit. He suggested playing with LEDs or a 555 timer. Although Alfredo and I could have settled with a simple circuit, we thought it would be even cooler to explore a little more and make something loud, bright, and epic. 

               LittleJuke is an Arduino-powered music box that plays seven reprogrammable songs and lights up LEDs that corresponds to the specific notes played in each song. We ended up having to "create our own music" by converting the songs we wanted into specific notes, similar to 8-bit songs in old video games. Because this was a overnight project, the enclosure was a simple pressfit MDF box with a rubberband hinged door and resistor array back panel. Check out the video below to see the little guy in action!

Collaborator: Alfredo Muniz

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