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             SwitchBlade is a entirely built-from-scratch remote controlled car and Nunchuck controller. ​ Unlike the the average store bought RC car this little guy contains some cool features such as Ackerman steering steering, differential backdrive motor system, scissor doors that open/close on command, music that plays from a speaker when the doors are open, & functional head lights. 

                   Another interesting aspect of SwitchBlade was that it's exterior shell and chassis were one in the same so all the internal components (Li-Po battery, steering servo, high-geared door motors, differential system, & speaker) were embedded in the unibody. Unfortunately, the integration of the mechatronic systems needs to be revised (lighter car shell, more accessible ON/OFF switch, etc.) So look out for SwitchBlade 2.0 - it will be coming soon!

Collaborator: Alfredo Muniz

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