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              My name is Folasade Oba (Sade [shar-day] for short) and I am a senior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently exploring the application of mechatronics although my main interest is product design. When I am not studying, I am usually living in the engineering quad fabricating personal projects. Because I tend to base my work off of existing creations, I focus on using alternative designing techniques to accomplish the same goal. While I understand the value of conceptual learning, I yearn for hands-on application. I love to travel beyond traditional academic borders and be challenged to satisfy the depths of my curiosity. I invite you to explore my website in more depth (especially the Projects page) or to contact me at

                           I love the fine arts and usually feed my desire to do such through ceramics and other mediums. Below you will find a photo gallery that displays some of my pottery. As a treat I have encluded some photos from my three Engineers Without Borders outdoor adventures.


Fun Outside Engineering
More Things I Love:

Star Wars                                        Jigsaw Puzzles                                         All Things Comic-Con                                         Dystopian Fiction                                           Disney

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