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              BeetleBot is a semi-autonomous hexapod robotic capable of both moving and turning in all directions. The mechanical design of its six legs was based off the Klann linkage system. The four front and back legs are controlled by Faulhaber DC motors and used to push the robot forward and back. Each of the two side legs are controlled by a set of two servo mtors that both actuate and rotate the leg helping the beetle  pivot in place.

                Other exciting features of BeetleBot is its custom-made 3D printed shell which enclose the sheet metal chassis, DC and servo motors, and all remaining electronic components. Unfortunately, not all of the sheet metal parts came back from the vender so I will be working on designing another means to connect the leg subsystems to the chassis. There is also the circuitry and flexible antenna to finish up as well. A few couple more months of multitasking and this big beetle will be roaming around... EEK!

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