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                    SpeakFree is a autonomous three-wheel omni-directional robot inspired by DJ Roomba. Its purpose is to move about the floor of any room and play music like a roaming MP3 player. Each of its three main faces holds a large speaker and pair of PING))) ultrasonic distance senors which allow the robot to identify how close it is to an object its approaching and choose a new random location to move in when a threshold is breached. 

              The enclosure was machined from high density urathane (HDU) foam which has proven to be quite durable as well as super easy to sand, prime, and paint. The mechanicals are all complete for this fellow! So while I work on the remote control (for when SpeakFree doesn't want to drive itself), Alfredo wil be finishing up the second iteration of the PCB and the code for 3-wheel movement. Be on the lookout in February to see the finished product!

Collaborators: Alfredo Muniz

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