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                 REVO, short for Robot Revolution, is a team of fighting robots made as part of MEAM 510: Mechatronics. They were designed to compete in an annual hockey competition call Robockey.  Our three players consisted of two forwards, RAWR and AWOL, and a goalie, BLAH.       

              These robots were designed to be compact, durable, easy-to-assemble, and self contained. The ABS enclosures was design as three separate 3D printed pieces and proved to be an excellent protective barrier. Each piece has several neodymium magnets that allowed for super quick assembly. The mechanical feature that I find pretty interesting is the hollow base. I was able to design the base to have several small paths that allowed me to weave, control, and contain all the wires for all the electrical components in the lower half of the robots. 

Collaborators: Alfredo Muniz and Jiali Sheng 

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