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             If you were thinking "Hey, I've seen this project already!" you are partially correct. DarkLamp was first a prototype for the KinematicLute. But once the lute was finished what were we to do with the extra material? Use it for another project, of course! Instead of a hanging light fixture, this little guy acts as a colorful desk lamp. We removed the need for a remote control or battery by making it USB powered and  responsive to ambient light via a light sensor. 

                   It is a fairly light in weight. All it contains is a microcontroller, six NeoPixel LEDs, and a light sensor. The enclosure did require a base so its guts weren't hanging out, so I quickly designed a base plate with a USB access port in the back and printed it out on a MakerBot. The acrylic rods were sanded with the same 600/1200 grit combination as the lute because it worked so well last time!

Collaborators: Alfredo Muniz and Nicholas LaBarbera

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