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                    Flicker will one day be a best to behold. The device is design to be a 3D persistance of vision display audio visualizer which is a long fancy way of saying that lights will rotate very quickly within the globe and form three dimensional movement that will be visually synched with the pitch and temp of the music. 

                     This project has been designed to be quite the design challenge in every aspect of mechatronic design. The coding required for three dimension will take not only a lot of debugging but a lot of trails to get the visuals and audio to mix just right. The electronics are  maddening because the large majority of the circuitry will actually be required to speed around a central shaft at very high speeds. And the mechanical component is much more than simply enclosing the electronics, because now the system in the globe actually needs to be assembled similar to a ship in a bottle!

September 2013 - TBD

Collaborators: Alfredo Muniz

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