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Sade Oba

Address: 14414 Lone Willow Ct, Missouri City, TX 77489


Tel: 713-213-8100

University of Pennsylvania - Introduction to CAD/CAM/CAE, Philadelphia, PA

Teaching Assistant                                                                                                 Jan 2014 - Present

University of Pennsylvania - Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Philadelphia, PA

Machine Shop Worker                                                                                            Jan 2013 - Present

  • Teach design concepts, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing techniques & manage class projects

  • Manage the machine shop (manual/CNC mills, drill press, band saw, lathes, Haas Mini Mill and TL-1)

Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, CA

Animatronics Intern                                                                                            May 2014 - Aug 2014

  • Designed and prototyped mechanical systems for the next generation of animatronic figures to be

    featured in Disney's newest theme parks and rides

  • Fabricated silicone molds and skins to test multiple iterations of different figures' facial animations


3650 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Bachelor of Science in Engineering                                                                                                      Exp. Grad: May 2016 

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics                                                              Cumulative GPA: 3.18


Master of Science in Engineering                                                                                                         Exp. Grad: May 2016 

Major: Robotics                                                                                                                                         Cumulative GPA: 3.35

Software Skills




PartWorks 2D

PartWorks 3D

SRP Player





Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop



Microsoft Office


Fabrication Skills

Manual/CNC Mills

Manual/CNC Lathes

Drill Press

Table/Miter/Panel Saws



Belt/Disk/Powermatic Sander

Surface Finishing

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

Interference fits


  • Organize the design/fabrication laboratories housed in the enginering quad & mangae 3D printing jobs.

  • Helped design and manufacture electronic and mechanical components for various contract jobs

University of Pennsylvania

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University of Pennsylvania - Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Philadelphia, PA

AddLab & MEAM Laboratory Assistant                                                              Sept 2012 - Present

NextFab Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Electronics and Software Engineering Intern                                                May 2013 - Aug 2013

University of Pennsylvania - Introduction to Mechanics Lab 147, Philadelphia, PA

Teaching Assistant                                                                                             Sept 2012 - Dec 2012

  • Graded lab work & assisted students as they learned MATLAB and physics (mechanics) fundamentals

Rice University - Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Lab, Houston, TX

Summer Research Intern                                                                                    Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

  • Designed the mechanical set-ups and safety enclosures for a Junior-level dynamic systems course.

  • Redesign the Rice Haptic Paddle to include a friction drive and contact force adjustment mechanism

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

CURE Program Research Intern                                                                         Jun 2011 - Aug 2011

Cooper Industries, Houston, TX

Corporate EBS Intern                                                                                           Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Computer Languages




Engineers Without Borders, 2012-2013                                 National Society of Black Engineers, 2011-2013

  • Provided technical support to over 100 employees working in the Houston headquarters

  • Analyzed ELISA assays and validated their significance in the biomarker screening panel

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