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             Check is a chesss set I decided to make in order to better familiarize myself with the Haas TL-1 CNC lathe. I wanted the pieces to look like one uniform set (a family of shorts) and designed the lower half of all the pieces to look the same. Although all of the machining on the CNC lathe is complete, the knights, bishops, kings, and queens still need some secondary operations to be done on a ProtoTRAK 3-Axis CNC mill. 

                   My plan is to embed magnets in the aluminum pieces after they come back from being anodized so that they can stick to the board when playing. The board will be machined with sixty-four square pockets so that two different charcoal/apoxy mixes can be poured in, hardened, and then face milled later for a clean finsh! Check back later this semester for the finished product!

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